Concrete Form & Shoring Systems for Concrete Construction


Versatile, lightweight, easy to use concrete form for concrete construction

The EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system is the most versatile handset forming system on the market today. In use on construction sites all over the world, cost conscious contractors are quickly realizing the benefits of this forming system and its best value and lowest in-place concrete cost features and benefits.

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Handset Aluminum Post Shoring System

PRO 4 is EFCO’s lightweight, yet high-capacity deck system. The PRO 4 system includes PRO 4 shoring in combination with EFCO’s versatile E-BEAM® and Z-BEAM®.
The PRO 4 system is different from other shoring systems. It is designed to be used both in handset and in gang forming situations. Other shoring systems are designed first as handset systems and, in some situations, can be ganged.

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Shoring for elevated poured-in-place concrete slab construction

EFCO DECK® is a single-post handset shoring system for elevated poured in-place concrete slabs. The EFCO DECK is a good solution to handle slab construction where crane-handled large deck systems are not practical or in some cases, not allowed. All EFCO DECK components are made of high-strength galvanized steel and aluminum. This provides a lightweight and durable system that requires little or no clean-up between uses.

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Designed to support concrete slabs, beams and roof systems.

The EFCO HAND-E-SHORE system is a lightweight, modular shoring system. Used on a variety of applications including hotels, office and apartment buildings, industrial and treatment plants as well as power plants, condominium and high-rise buildings, HAND-E-SHORE provides an efficient, handset decking and shoring system that maximizes productivity.

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