form-cleanerThe EFCO Form Cleaner is a power-operated machine designed to clean and oil the form panel face sheets. The power-driven conveyer belt travels at a rate of 12,8 m (42′-0″) per minute, which will clean a maximum of about 465 m2 (5,005 sq. ft.) of forms per hour.

For medium sized and larger projects, the EFCO HAND-E-FORM Cleaner and oiling machine can be an excellent labor-saving solution.
The EFCO Form Cleaner features:

  • High-speed steel cleaning brushes 300 mm (12″) diameter rotate at 2000 revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Automatic oiler applicator for the form panel form release agent
  • Conveyor belt propels form panels through the machine to clean and oil
  • Gas engine standard; diesel and electric options by special order
  • Clutch to engage and disengage the engine from the cleaning brushes and conveyor belt
  • Electric starter
  • Conveyor belt speed of 12,8 lineal meters (42′-0″) per minute
  • Equipped with a lifting bale for moving the machine in and out of excavations with a crane
  • Trailer hitch and trailer lights for transporting from job to job with a pickup truck
  • Trailer mounted for over-the-road hauling on rubber tires and spring suspension system
  • The cleaner can be easily pushed by two or three crew members on reasonable ground site conditions