What is a E-BEAM?

A galvanized steel beam designed as a structural member to support plywood in both wall and deck concrete forming applications. E-BEAMs provide maximum strength, durability, and versatility at less weight and cost than expensive aluminum. The weight and strength of E-BEAMs make them an ideal support member in decking applications.

What is a Z-BEAM?

The Z-BEAM is stringer for the E-BEAM.

The Z-BEAM is a stringer that is a compliment to EFCO’s E-BEAM, steel deck joist. Not only is the
Z-BEAM much stronger with spanning and crushing characteristics, it also has a moment end connection, so when using two 19 mm x 50 mm EFCO Quick Bolts to connect Z-BEAMs end-to-end, you can obtain a beam of any length with continual and consistent structural characteristics.

The PRO 4 system is different from other shoring systems. It is designed to be used both in handset and in gang forming situations. Other shoring systems are designed first as handset systems and, in some situations, can be ganged.

Configured to the specific requirements of your project, the PRO 4 system lets you economically fabricate large deck panels for use many times throughout a project.

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