Panama City, Panama

The highly anticipated Cerro Viento Bridge is now complete on the eastern edge of Panama City, Panama. The bridge is located in the famous Via Tocumen that leads directly to the International Airport and is one of the most traveled arteries in the city. The construction of this bridge provides an access solution where numerous residential areas and shopping centers converge.


The solution using the E-Z DECK and HAND-E-FORM systems provided flexibility to form all caps with the same equipment.

The contractor is a Spanish company founded more than 110 years ago and operating in Panama for just over a decade. The contractor required a safe and reliable solution when they chose EFCO as a partner in the construction of the bridge.

Project requirements included eight multiple stem caps that varied in dimension. Choosing the flexible EFCO HAND-E-FORM®system with an all-steel face sheet meant that the concrete finish would be excellent right out of the form eliminating costly concrete finishing time. The caps are 1,35 m to 1,60 m (4′-5″ to 5′-3″) in width, lengths of 4,16 m to 14,49 m (13′-8″ to 47′-6″), and heights of 1,45 m to 2,12 m (4′-9″ to 6′-11″); total heights that included the pre-existing columns were between 3,66 m to 4,65 m (12′-0″ to 15′-2″).

E-Z DECK® towers were used to support the cap forms in between each column and provided an excellent work platform to assemble cap forms. The support towers were assembled safely on the ground and cycled fully assembled so the contractor was able to maintain a rigorous schedule with the E-Z DECK system.