New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

New Westminster, British Columbia is home to the Brewery District, a nine-acre mixed-use community rich in history and culture. The development of this site includes the construction of the Translink Building. The Translink is the second building of eight that will find a home in the Brewery District.

The contractor chosen for the project consulted with EFCO for a forming solution that would deliver the best value and lowest in-place concrete cost for the elevated slab construction. EFCO offered the EFCO DECK®multi-purpose handset shoring system and provided a total of 47,000 ft2 (4,370 m2) of equipment to accommodate the shoring and decking demands of the project.

concrete form for cast in place concrete slab constructionEFCO DECK is a good solution to handle slab construction where flying tables are not practical or, in some cases, not allowed. All components are made of high strength galvanized steel and aluminum. This provides a lightweight and durable system that requires little or no clean-up between uses.

The EFCO DECK system incorporates a drop head that provides users with an efficient way to cycle from floor to floor. After a pour is complete at the ground floor commercial level and the slab is on its way to full strength, the drop head releases the primary and secondary beams supporting the slab so that they can be removed and cycled ahead to the next pour while E-Z Shores and lateral bracing panels stay behind to support the slab. This greatly improves the cycle time from pour to pour. The primary and secondary beams will be reused with single stage EFCO DECK posts for the typical floors above the commercial level.

For versatility, the EFCO DECK drop head easily mounts to the E-Z DECK® Shore Post so that towers of any height can be constructed if the project demands it. This was the case for the contractor on this project when forming the slabs for the main floor and parquet levels at heights of more than 30′-0″ (9.1 m). This system combining EFCO DECK and E-Z DECK can sometimes be the best solution for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs.