Savannah, Georgia

A company out of Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded the bid for the construction of a 4-level parking garage located in the heart of Savannah’s Ellis Square. EFCO designed and engineered a solution, which enabled the contractor to form over 9.500 m2 (102,300 ft2) of deck per floor. EFCO DECK® is a single post handset shoring system for elevated poured-in-place concrete slabs. The system is designed for ceiling heights of 2,1 m to 4,6 m (7′-0″ to 15′-0″), and up to 300 mm (12″) slab thickness. The system is unique in that it requires minimal labor to set and strip. Drop Heads quickly and easily release the Primary and Secondary beams as well as the plywood deck. The contractor was able to save time and labor with the system’s 1,8 m x 2,4 m (6′-0″ x 8′-0″) post spacing, a 25% reduction to comparable systems.

The EFCO E-Z DECK® was used to form the supportive slab and beam components of the garage with varying thicknesses of 430 mm to 840 mm (17″ to 33″). The garage was completely underground and the one-sided perimeter walls were all formed with EFCO LITE®. The EFCO PLATE GIRDER® system, along with the EFCO Flipper Lock Platform system, formed the cores and shafts.

With EFCO DECK and E-Z DECK, it’s easy to form column drop heads and decks around previously poured columns.