La Libertad, Peru

A contractor out of Piura, Peru, who has become widely known for their experience with constructing complex structures and has a strong reputation as specializing in slip forming construction, started the expansion project of their current facilities in 2006 to meet the growing demand for cement and concrete in a very active Peruvian construction industry. The contractor has been involved in the expansion from the beginning, performing all of the site construction work that will allow CPSAA to achieve its goal of increasing the supply for the domestic market.

concrete forming a complex structureRelying on EFCO’s experience and overall quality, the contractor asked EFCO to design and supply the hand-set HAND-E-FORM®forming system for multiple structures including four, five-story vertical kilns, retention walls, raw material chutes and tunnels and the inverted cone inside each tower silo.

The inverted cone inside each of the tower silos was the most complicated structure to form on the project. EFCO worked hand in hand with the contractor to develop a solution and the versatility of the HAND-E-FORM system allowed the contractor to integrate filler pieces to form the complex concrete structure. The cone sits at the base of the silo designed for storage and processing shipments of bulk cement. The storage silos are 43,2 m (141′-6″) in height, and 20,6 m (67′-6″) in diameter.

Safety, concrete finish, and maintaining a tight schedule were all elements to consider when selecting the forming system. The contractor was pleased with the versatility and rate of progress accomplished while using the HAND-E-FORM system.