Tigre, Argentina

A major water treatment project located in Tigre, Argentina is nearing completion. The “Parana de las Palmas” will supply 2.5M people in northern Buenos Aires with fresh water and is part of the bigger plan and development to supply water treatment services to 11M people of Argentina.

The first phase of the “Parana de las Palmas”, the Northern Area Water Purification System, is a series of structures that includes the water treatment plant “Paraná de las Palmas”, aqueducts to transport water, and a tunnel that will carry water to the plant.

In this first phase, three water treatment modules will be constructed to produce 900,000 m3 (240 million gallons) of treated water per day at full capacity when complete. This part of the project consists of three rectangular concrete pools for purification measuring 100 m (328 ft.) long x 60 m (197 ft.) wide x 5 m (16 ft.) tall. There will also be five round cisterns 5.4 m (17′-9″) tall and 20 m (65′-7″) in diameter, plus several smaller complementary enclosures and buildings, for a total concrete placement volume of 200,000 m3 (262,000 yd3) all contracted with an aggressive schedule.

The contractor required a formwork solution that would meet the demanding deadlines of work and elected to use forming equipment that could be assembled and cycled in large gangs thereby increasing productivity.

EFCO provided a solution to this need by delivering 1000 m2 (10,760 ft2) of HAND-E-FORM® for constructing the straight walls on the rectangular tanks and 600 m2 (6,500 ft2) of REDI RADIUS® for constructing the curved walls of the round tanks. The REDI-RADIUS proved to be an ideal system as it easily adapted to the various radiuses required for the project and delivered an excellent concrete finish.