Santiago, Chile

Parque Tabancura is a real-estate project located in a quiet neighborhood in Vitacura, Santiago. The location offers a wonderful view of the Santiago valley.

concrete formworkCommitted to providing the best service, both at the site and with the erection drawings delivered for this project, EFCO engineering worked closely with Bersa on every step of the project. The tower consisted of 26 floors above ground and three levels of below ground parking. EFCO engineering designed a forming system that would guarantee an excellent rate of progress. The versatility of the HAND-E-FORM®, hand-set lightweight all-steel face sheet system and the simplicity of EFCO’s PRO 4 shoring system made these the forming systems of choice. The HAND-E-FORM system formed all the walls and columns while the PRO 4 system supported the decks.

Every building has a special characteristic, and this one was no different; the 26th floor has a cantilever beam to decorate the perimeter of the balcony. To solve this architectural requirement, EFCO provided a special design with E-Z DECK® towers plus SUPER STUD® main beams that could specifically withstand loads from the cantilevered beam. Double pipe braces at the end of the SUPER STUDS, supported on the rail of the previous floor, provided the necessary resistance and confidence to pour the beam.