Iquique, Chile

The expansion of the truck garage for “Doña Inés de Collahuasi” mining company has been complete for several years. Construction took place at 5.200 m (3.2 mi.) above sea level and consisted of foundation beams, plinths, and walls for the garage, topped by the metallic structure of the bays.

The work was complex because it was necessary to leave anchor bolts embedded in the foundations and plinths.

With the versatility and solutions provided by EFCO, we were able to successfully face all the challenges this project offered. We completed all foundations with the minimum of wood adjustments, and this is a great achievement considering the complexity of the different structures.

-Project Administrator

Another challenge was pouring the 5,4 m (17′-9″) high walls, which were poured in one pick using the EFCO LITE® pouring windows.

The contractor faced and successfully completed all challenges of this truck garage expansion project.