Peralillo, Chile

When asked to provide the formwork for the construction of the Calleuque Bridge in Peralillo, VI Region of Chile, EFCO was required to provide a solution that was safe, efficient and provided an excellent concrete finish. EFCO engineered a solution using the HAND-E-FORM® system for the piers.

Each pier measures 7,45 m (24′-5″) wide, 12 m (39′-0″) long and 8,5 m (27′-11″) high. EFCO provided enough HAND-E-FORM panels to form one complete pier.

This meant that while working on the second stage of a pier, the contractor was able to start working on the first stage of the second pier.

With this project, the contractor was able to demonstrate the amazing flexibility and durability of the EFCO HAND-E-FORM handset forming system. The system gave the contractor the ability to hand set and strip the form panels where one worker can handle any and all components.