Panama City, Panama

Located near downtown Panama City, the Via Israel Pumping Station consisted of forming a large rectangular concrete well with additional concrete chambers adjacent to the well. The wall thickness of the structures varied between 0.35 m (1′) and 0.25 m (10″). Because of the specifications of the project and space restrictions, EFCO offered HAND-E-FORM® as a logical option.

PA2_FA11_articleThe standard 600 mm (2′) x 1200 mm (4′) HAND-E-FORM panel was an excellent solution for erecting the forms with little clearance, and for cycling the forms vertically to reach wall heights over 9.2 m (30′). The contractor was already familiar with the features and benefits of the HAND-E-FORM panel, as it was their forming system of choice for a previous project, the Dos Mares Hydroelectric Plant. They were able to quickly reconfigure the HAND-E-FORM system to accommodate the different lift heights and structure geometry on the project.

The versatile EFCO HAND-E-FORM system, with its all-steel face plate durability, enabled forming the variations in the wall thickness for its inside and outside corners without wood fills. Delivering a quality concrete finish, HAND-E-FORM proved to be the perfect form panel selection for this project. The pumping station needed to be constructed in close proximity to an extremely busy city street, and HAND-E-FORM enabled the contractor to safely and efficiently form the structure without interfering with traffic.

EFCO’s HAND-E-FORM system is used worldwide on all types of projects ranging from home building projects, to stadium applications, to civil works like the Vía Israel Pumping Station in Panama City, Panama. An incredibly versatile product, the HAND-E-FORM system is a clear winner for many concrete forming projects.