United Arab Emirates

EFCO is always expanding into new markets. Since the beginning of its international expansion in 1978, EFCO products and engineering solutions have been utilized all over the world to produce everything from bridges, water and sewage treatment plants, culverts, dams, power generating stations, high-rise buildings and housing; forming some of the most monumental structures of the modern era.

Today, EFCO finds itself breaking new ground once again. Several contractors have recently partnered with EFCO to provide formwork and engineering solutions for projects throughout the United Arab Emirates; from the modern port city of Doha, Qatar to the ancient, abounding capital city of Abu Dhabi.

New Doha International Airport

A stunning Persian Gulf city with a booming, diversified economy, Doha, Qatar has become increasingly known as a business and tourism hub in the region. In 2003, The New Doha International Airport Steering Committee awarded a contract to develop a new airport. EFCO equipment was used to construct a major component of the airport as part of the airport operation facility.


Upon completion in 2015, the New Doha International Airport is expected to host up to 50 million travelers per year.

The contractor is utilizing three dynamic EFCO forming systems for the project:

  •  HAND-E-FORM® system for the pile cap and walls
  •  EFCO LITE® for columns
  •  E-Z DECK® shoring system for the concrete slabs

The contractor chose EFCO for its safety, efficiency, and labor saving features.

The challenge with this project was to expedite progress as quickly and safely as possible. The crew needed to get back on schedule after a few minor delays in the piling stage.

EFCO provided approximately 1.755 m2 (18,890 sq. ft.) of HAND-E-FORM, 292 m2 (3,143 sq. ft.) of EFCO LITE and 4.147 m2 (44,640 sq. ft.) of ganged E-Z DECK tables along with Engineering and Field Service support to the project. EFCO is proud to be a part of this progressive design and build project.