Sutherland, Nebraska

concrete form for round concrete tankThe contractor for this project has been forming concrete walls for grain bins and ethanol plants for quite some time. When contracted to complete the expansion of Midwest Renewable Energy’s ethanol facility located in Sutherland, Nebraska, they chose the EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system. The ethanol facility expansion included twelve 32 m (105′-0″) diameter grain bins complete with 2,4 m (8′-0″) high ring walls and 2 m (6′-5″) wide tunnels. In addition, there are seven 15,8 m (52′-0″) diameter fermenters with 3 m (10′-0″) high ring walls. The contractor’s crew easily achieved high productivity numbers casting a pour every four days on the 32 m (105′-0″) bins.

HAND-E-FORM was used to form the radius walls and the straight walls of the tunnels that go under the grain bins. The excellent concrete finish the HAND-E-FORM produces minimizes rubbing and patching costs while maximizing productivity and finish. In addition, the contractor benefited from EFCO’s man-handled form system eliminating the additional costs of a crane being associated with this project.

For these 2,4 m (8′-0″) foundation walls, HAND-E-FORM is the best solution. We can achieve excellent productivity without the costs of a crane being used.

-Project Superintendent