Fray Bentos, Uruguay

A contractor out of Montevideo, Uruguay was awarded the construction of the effluent treatment plants of Botnia’s new cellulose plant.

UY_SP07_articleEFCO engineered a forming solution using the EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system. EFCO also engineered pour windows into the system to aid in the pouring of the wall. Each of the walls measured 6,6 m high by 28,8 m long (20′-0″ x 94′-0″). The HAND-E-FORM system is versatile in that it can be easily manhandled and assembled on the ground.

The contractor also worked with EFCO to engineer a solution to form the primary and secondary clarifiers. The primary clarifier measured 4,20 m (13′-9″) in height and 46 m (150′-0″) in diameter while the secondary tank measured 5,40 m (17′-9″) in height and 65 m (213′-0″) in diameter. Both the primary and secondary tanks were formed with the EFCO HAND-E-FORM system. Pour windows used on the secondary tank enabled the contractor to complete the tank in four pours. The primary tank was formed at full height in only one pour.

Break back ties, plastic spreader tie cones, and EFCO waterstops minimized the concrete coverage required by the Site Superintendent and made proofing the tank easier.