Vargas, Venezuela

In 1999, a natural disaster hit Vargas, Venezuela collapsing the states infrastructure and making potable water a rarity. This has had a huge impact on the tourism of this vacation getaway along the Caribbean Sea. By 2006, the state was back to its pre-disaster population level, and infrastructure projects were slowly being carried out to reconstruct the damage.

A construction firm out of Vargas, Venezuela was contracted to complete the reconstruction of the Hotel Guaicamacuto, and part of the agreement required the construction of a 2.500 m3 (660,500 gal.) water tank to store the hotels’ water supply.

EFCO Engineers designed a complete solution that would include formwork for 15 support columns and the half-moon shaped storage tank with dividing wall. The versatility and flexibility of the EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system allowed the contractor to form all the structures, including the curved wall with one system. The 100 mm (4″) wide EFCO flexible form panel is what makes forming curved structures with HAND-E-FORMs possible.

The crew quickly learned the simple mechanics of the easy-to-use HAND-E-FORM system. Unlike competitive handset systems, the HAND-E-FORM panels are lightweight, conveniently sized and even the largest panel can be set and stripped by just one worker. The versatile HAND-E-FORM system easily forms pilasters and corners and the forming for the tank on this project was assembled with no wood fillers and poured monolithically. The HAND-E-FORM panel has a continuous face sheet that runs to the edge of the outside flanges, minimizing the form joint and delivering a smooth concrete surface. The contractor was delighted with the fast assembly, quick cycle, and excellent concrete finish the HAND-E-FORM system provided.