The construction of an extension of the Roemmers Laboratories in Buenos Aires is complete. This fast-track project required a forming system that could handle a 9 m (29′-6″) wall pour without the use of a crane. The answer? The versatile EFCO HAND-E-FORM® system.

The HAND-E-FORM system is a lightweight, handset panel that can form virtually any conceivable concrete forming application. This project, despite the height and absence of crane, is no different. EFCO engineering provided the contractor with not only a forming solution to fit their needs but also a cycling solution that guaranteed accuracy and enhanced productivity.


Leaving panels in place provides excellent support and alignment for the next set of forms.

The placement of concrete was conducted in several vertical lifts. After the initial pour, the crew began to cycle the system to the next level leaving every second form in place on the wall (see photo above). This method allows the next level of formwork to accurately align with the horizontal joint from the previous pour. EFCO SUPER STUD® Jr. was used as a bracing member.

The EFCO DECK system incorporates a drop head that provides users with an efficient way to cycle from floor to floor. After a pour is complete at the ground floor commercial level and the slab is on its way to full strength, the drop head releases the primary and secondary beams supporting the slab so that they can be removed and cycled ahead to the next pour while E-Z Shores and lateral bracing panels stay behind to support the slab. This greatly improves the cycle time from pour to pour. The primary and secondary beams will be reused with single stage EFCO DECK posts for the typical floors above the commercial level.

The contractor is pleased with the results achieved both in productivity and concrete finish.