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Service & Support

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EFCO has sales offices and management teams situated throughout the world. Upon making contact with EFCO through the website, your enquiry is immediately directed to a senior member of our global sales team, local to you. EFCO sales professionals are trained to help identify the best EFCO handset forming/shoring solution to meet your needs and to work with you to develop a quotation which includes both the products and individual support services that best meet your total requirements. The EFCO representative will offer you personal support well beyond the signing of the purchase agreement.


The multi-national EFCO engineering team provides you with your initial purchase a complete set of assembly and erection drawings for your project together with fully detailed and easy to follow equipment lists, tailored to your project requirements.

The HAND-E-FORM Installation Manual

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, the installation manual is designed to meet all the customer needs and questions when it comes to basic erection, over coming all types of concrete forming problems, construction varying forms of structures, form cycling, equipment cleaning and maintenance,form panel and accessory identification, and guidance on pour pressures. Packed with job site photographs and the latest three dimensional color AutoCAD illustrations, the HAND-E-FORM Installation Manual offers step-by-step instructional guidelines to site crews, foremen, supervisors and project management alike. Unique to the handset formwork industry the HAND-E-FORM Installation manual makes the job of assembling, cycling, stripping and maintaining the EFCO HAND-E-FORM system as simple and easy to follow as it could be.

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Assembly, Cycling and Safety DVDs

Available also to HAND-E-FORM and EFCO DECK owners and users in four languages, are EFCO’s step-by-step DVD guides to assembly, cycling and safety. Using moving three dimensional AutoCAD software and job site examples the DVD’s guide the user through every element of assembly, cycling and equipment maintenance. These DVD’s (alongside the HAND-E-FORM Installation Manual) provide excellent training and instructional support to the EFCO handset formwork and shoring user.

Field Service

EFCO’s global team of Field Supervisors is available to offer you technical support at the job-site, with a primary focus on safety and productivity while at the same time giving you essential guidance on care and maintenance of your EFCO forms.

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EFCO is the largest manufacturer of steel formwork in the world, with over 75 years of delivering precision jig-built forming and shoring systems to the worldwide construction industry. EFCO’s Manufacturing Team will deliver your equipment order, on time and complete, ensuring at all times the highest quality and dimensional accuracy.


Working from over thirty distribution centers worldwide, EFCO delivers to you your equipment on time, counted and professionally bundled for shipment. Depending upon your shipping needs EFCO can also provides support with the essential documentation and paperwork to ensure problem free shipment of international orders, liaising with local government offices, shipping agents and ports.

Purchase Options

EFCO’s handset forming and shoring solutions are available for sale throughout the world from its global network of Manufacturing and Distribution centers. In selected countries products are available for lease to qualifying customers, and in some cases EFCO is able to offer a Buy-Back contract where qualifying conditions apply. Your EFCO sales professional will advise you through our quotation process what Purchase Options are available to you.

Payment Terms

To qualifying buyers only and depending upon purchase options available EFCO offers a variety of finance options. Your EFCO sales professional will advise you through our quotation process what payment terms are available to you. In certain qualifying cases EFCO can also help you facilitate loan guarantees and insurance programs with the Export-Import Bank of the United States, as a lower cost option to Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees.

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