Why Choose EFCO?

HandsetFormwork.com: A website dedicated to our handset concrete forming & shoring equipment

Designed to provide the best value and lowest in place concrete costs

Originally known to the world as the Economy Forms Corporation, EFCO was founded in 1934 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA by WA Jennings and since that time has been dedicated to the sale and lease of engineered concrete formwork and shoring systems. Today EFCO has sales and lease operations throughout the world dedicated solely to the delivery of concrete forming solutions that aim every time to provide the best value and lowest in place concrete costs.

HandsetFormwork.com is a website dedicated to customers in all countries who have the need to construct concrete structures of all types using hand held solutions, using engineered, precision-built, fit for purpose handset formwork and shoring solutions. The site features EFCO’s rugged, durable, lightweight and highly flexible all steel HAND-E-FORM handset formwork system adaptable to meet the needs for building all concrete structures, together with EFCO’s PRO 4, EFCO DECK and HAND-E-SHORE shoring systems which between them meet all handset shoring needs with varying features and benefits.

For more information on the full range of EFCO Forming Solutions including crane picked systems for heavy duty construction visit www.efcoforms.com.


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